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What am I missing? Can't get it to run

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Posted:  24 Jan 2009 21:34
FireShot 0.65ie on XP.

I downloaded free version, unzip it, and once unzipped get message that I need to restart Explorer to complete install.  I do that and nothing changes.  If I go through "My Programs" my two options are to go to the website or uninstall.  If I go back to the zip file it simply re-unzips it with the same result, "restart Explorer". 

How do I make it run?  I assume it's something I'm overlooking, not savvy on computers but haven't seen any evident go button.

Mark Rooney
Posted:  25 Jan 2009 06:56   Last Edited By: JK
Just run Internet Explorer and notice the button shown below:

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Posted:  21 Jul 2011 10:59
There's a terrific aomunt of knowledge in this article!
Posted:  21 Jun 2014 17:38
Tried this with IE 11. Works perfectly.
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