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0.98.84 displays the old-school save dialog that's missing lots of features

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Posted:  18 Jan 2016 01:58
I was using 0.98.75.  Worked great.  But a Firefox update forced me to update to FireShot 0.98.84.

When saving images, the new version of FireShot shows the old-school Windows "Save As" dialog.  (I hadn't seen it in like 10 years.  A blast from the past!)  That version of the dialog is missing lots of features from the up-to-date version of the dialog.

For example, the "Location" bar, which aids in navigating to the correct directory, and the folder treeview on the left, which does the same.

The old-school dialog is awful.  It's the old-school dialog because, well, it's *old*, and the newer dialog has improvements.  smile
Posted:  18 Jan 2016 11:40
Agreed. wink
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