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Screen capture chrome extension truncates last character of text snapshot

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Posted:  07 Aug 2009 23:57
Windows 7 RC
Firefox 3.5.2
Fireshot v.0.77

I have some simple HTML:

<span style='font-size:14pt;padding-right:5px;'>

<span style='vertical-align:+20%'>
Please consider the environment before printing this email</span>

When I use Fireshot to snap an image of the rendered page, the last character "l" is not included in the image, it reads "Please consider the environment before printing this emai". If I add a second "l" to the word "email" IE "emaill", the snapshot appears normal "Please consider the environment before printing this email".

Fireshot is truncating the last character of the line in its snapshot.
Posted:  30 Dec 2009 21:29
Plugin for Firefox v.08
Windows XP Version 5.1 Service Pack 2 German
Firefox Version 3.5.6
Bugreport: Whole Side in a Frame could not becaptured
(In the unpaid demoversion, this option works very good. This was the reason to buy. But in the payed version this feature does not work correct)
Bug: e.G. Go to Monster
Try to capture the "whole"  side.
It is not possible. If you choose  "sichtbaren Bereich aufnehmen" or "Ganze Seite..aufnehmen" or  "Browser Fensterinhalt aufnehmen.." every time you could not make a picture of the complete site wich must be scrolled. I think it is a problem with "Frames". If i say: open Frame in a seperate window, then the capture of the complete side works sometimes.
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