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return to fireshot free edition

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Posted:  24 Sep 2010 12:54
I've tried the pro edition and now after the trial period I would like to return to the free edition. But everytime I make a screenshot in IE a MessageBox appears "FireShot Pro trial expired" Purchase...
How can I return to the free edition. I've uninstalled end re-installed the FREE edition more than once - nothing happens. All I see is the MessageBox.
Posted:  05 May 2013 18:00
Sorry but I don't understand. You already purchased the Pro version, still you want to go back to the free version?
Posted:  27 Jan 2019 21:23
I have the exact same problem  -- tried the Pro version free 30 day trial, discovered the basic free version was adequate for my needs, but cannot return to the free version. 
Is it possible to return to the free version?  Preferably without needing to edit the Windows Registry to remove all reference to FireShot.
This question was first asked in 2010 and there is still no answer after 8 years?
Posted:  04 Feb 2019 04:44
Had the same issue I have been using the basic for over a year in Firefox with no issues now it redirects to this payment requirement for Pro.  I do not need or want the Pro version.   If you scroll to the bottom of the page brought up there is an option that says " I acknowledge that my PRO features and data within them will not be available again until I upgrade." with a check box but no option to submit this selection.  I even looked at the code and there is nothing associated to allow this option.

I have recommended this product to may people including posting a link for it on my website (12,000+ members) so I am sure there are some that have made the purchase from my recommendations but I guess I can no longer do so since I can't use it without payment. 

This is a quote from your site to the questions "Is it FREE?"   "Yes! FireShot Lite is FREE forever."  Guess not.
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