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Why does FS keep copies of chrome screenshots in its publish and mail folders? How do I turn this off?

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Posted:  12 Sep 2010 12:55
Dear Fireshot People,

I think this program is great! However, while cleaning my pc of erroneous files the other day I discovered copies of captures I'd made using Fireshot in subfolders of my application data/Fireshot/ folders.

Why is Fireshot keeping copies of everything I capture automatically in these folders? And how do I turn this off? I usually press 'Edit Capture' and then save the finished jpg where I want... it is therefore worrying that FS is keeping a record of everything I capture without my knowledge!

Many thanks for any help!


Posted:  11 Mar 2014 14:00
Looks like this is not a feature yet. This might need to be implemented in the near future still.
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