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Pro License Availability & Compatibility w/Chromebook

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Posted:  16 Mar 2024 04:53
I've been using the Pro version since 2014 & have had several PCs since then. Currently, I am nursing a nearly dead PC that has the Pro version installed and have been supplementing with a spare Chromebook logged into my google account. I am looking at both units at the same time and nearly of my extensions appear on the Chromebook, including Fireshot. I saw that there was the option to join the Beta program where the captures open in the adjacent tab, which is annoying after using the Pro version for 10 years. But I thought my Pro license covered 2 PCs, and I realize a Chromebook is not a PC, so perhaps that is the issue, I don't know, or maybe one of my prior PCs died & I did not remove the license, but the Chromebook is not giving me the option to enter a license, only to buy a license. I even removed the license from my current PC, removed the extension, installed the extension on the Chromebook and I noted that I never had the option to enter my license. I just did that as I was preparing this message, to see if I could rule out an issue, and maybe I did? Is the Chromebook the issue? Does a Pro license work on a Chromebook, or is it a different type of Pro license? Also, I have a brand new PC that I am getting ready to switch to, so I will be using 2 PCs for a short period of time. Is there a way you can make sure that my current license is only being used by 1 PC so that I will not have any issues when I want to get started with my new PC? Or is there a way I can find out that information from my end without having the physical PCs? As I mentioned earlier, I'm sure that I have not removed the licensed prior to a PC dying over the last 10 years.
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