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PDF from website captures sometimes in Portrait, sometimes in Landscape

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Posted:  22 Jul 2018 02:20

Sometimes when I try to save the following page as a PDF, it saves as a landscape PDF, not a portrait PDF.

The problem is - sometimes FireShot Pro saves some pages as a PDF in landscape, and sometimes in portrait. It seems to be based on the amount of content on the page (short pages -> save as landscape)

URL: https://www.sarahkjones.com.au/free-quiz/ (IMPORTANT: click on the button to go to the next page. That's the problematic page. And all the pages after that)

When I try to "capture entire page and save as PDF", the page is saved in landscape mode.

The problem is, I'm working on a project, and I need ALL of the PDFs to be in portrait mode.

When there's a small amount of content on the page, FireShot Pro saves as landscape. (see URL example above)
When there's a full page or more (which is most pages on the internet), FireShot Pro saves as portrait.

I either need all pages to be in portrait by default, or a setting that lets me set the page orientation.

    Plugin version = FireShot 0.98.15
    OS type and version = Windows 10, English
    Version of browser = Firefox 61.0.1
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