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Not able to save whole web page screenshots anymore??

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Posted:  28 Sep 2015 01:25
Hello Support,

I have been using Fireshot successfully for many many months on a windows machine (and chrome browser) for work. I just purchased a Chromebook and have been running Fireshot on the chrome browser successfully for a few days. Randomly, however, in the  "Save Screenshot" page, the options for "Save as Image" and "Save as PDF" do not respond. They do not highlight when hovered over with the cursor. Options "Learn How..." and "Print" work fine.

I can't remember doing anything differently other than adding one google account to the Chromebook, and opening Google drive offline once.

I will also say that soon after i first noticed this problem (maybe 15-30 minutes after), the Chromebook crashed and restarted. It seemed to recover just fine and not affect anything else but the problem with Fireshot persisted.

I appologize, I can't find the Browser version - I believe it is tied into the OS:

Google Chrome OS
Version 45.0.2454.98
Platform 7262.57.0 (Official Build) stable-channel nyan_blaze
Firmware Google_Nyan_Blaze.5771.63.0

URL of Save Screen:

Plugin Version:
Fireshot  0.98.80

Thanks for any support you are willing to give,'
Posted:  28 Sep 2015 14:28
Hi friend,

It seems that Flash has failed to start after the crash. FireShot uses it for the buttons "Save Screenshot", "Save as Image" and "Save as PDF". You need to check it.
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Posted:  29 Sep 2015 05:01
thumb_up  Everythings good now. Thanks.
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