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FTP export

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Posted:  07 Sep 2008 13:23
Export images via FTP?
Posted:  07 Sep 2008 13:47
Or at https://www.imageshack.us ?

Example: https://www.avramovic.info/applications/imageshack-hotspot
Posted:  07 Sep 2008 15:19
More examples: https://www.jingproject.com/


Posted:  20 Sep 2008 07:55
YES! Please. All of the above. Or at least the most popular ones like Photobucket, TinyPic, etc. Also, yes, private FTP is a big one. I want to keep the images on my server forever. I don't want the hassle of dealing with someone else's server. Right now, I'm forced to running a batch file to automatically upload files in a  specific folder and this is how I'm keeping them instead of uploading them to uploads.screenshot-program.com. It would be nice but I think someone said they were getting their own server for the uploads and eh..that didn't leave me happy, that's for sure.
Posted:  03 Dec 2009 21:14
I would pay for the pro version of this product if it had private ftp upload.
Posted:  03 Dec 2009 21:20   Last Edited By: KevBurnsJr
You know, I bet this could be achieved through the "open with external editor" feature.
Open to batch file with location of image as command line parameter.

Anyone done this?
Posted:  04 Dec 2009 07:41   Last Edited By: JK
This feature is planned.

KevBurnsJr, will you buy Pro if I find the way on how to upload the file using command line?
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Posted:  23 Jun 2013 15:44
Hi, any progress if this feature is being set to launch yet?
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