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FS is not using the Options that I have set up

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Posted:  25 Aug 2022 00:26
FS Free ver 1.10.05, Microsoft Edge (chromium), Win 11 Pro, ver. 21H2, OS build 22000.856.
On Aug 10 (some time during the evening) FS stopped reading the Options that I had set up as far as Filename template. It went back to random, example:  6f4be12d-8598-4202-a789-b4e37b8b3cb9.jpg, although it still saved as JPG.
As of Aug 22, it switched and started saving files in JFIF format, even though I have JPG chosen.
I uninstalled FS last night, did 2 different computer cleaners, then reinstalled a few minutes ago.
Tried again and it still isn't reading the Options for JPG-type or naming template.
I looked in Apps... on Aug 10 MS To Do, Store, and Photos updated. On Aug 22, MS OneDrive, Phone Link, and Edge Webview runtime updated. I don't see any Windows Updates on or near those dates.
Any idea what could have happened? What can I try?
Thank you smile
Posted:  25 Aug 2022 15:17   Last Edited By: JK
Hello. This is one of your download helper extensions being interfered with FireShot. Please disable the other extensions to check if the problem disappears, then enable them one by one to find the conflicting extension.
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