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Screenshot all tabs and save as single PDF not saving all tabs

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Posted:  21 Aug 2022 10:56
Plugin version (FireShot Pro V.1.10.05)
OS type and version (Windows 11, English)
Version of browser (Google Chrome Version 104.0.5112.102 (Official Build) (64-bit))
Webpage URLs causing this problem: 3

Steps to reproduce the bug:
When I select capture all tabs and save as single page, Fireshot does go through the 3 tabs, but only saves 2 of them in the pdf. The last page (3) is not included in the saved pdf. Tried twice, not ok.

1- am saving in an incognito window, because on the main window, I have 10 other tabs open and don't want to loose them.
2- the pages are visible only when logged in, which I am.
In both cases, FireShot is able go through the 3 pages and save 2 of them. So this should not be the issue.

Posted:  21 Aug 2022 11:31
I closed all tabs on the main Chrome (not incognito), restarted Chrome and:

1- saved the same 3 pages from the Envato account (need to be logged in)
-> erratic results, sometimes the middle page is not included in the saved pdf, sometimes only 2 tabs out of 4 are included.

2- closed Envato account pages and opened 4 random pages which do not require to be logged in
-> at first, the last tab was not included in the saved pdf, so I moved tabs, and then all 4 tabs were included in the saved pdf.

Really weird, non predictable behavior.
Posted:  21 Aug 2022 12:00
When trying with capture all tabs and print, the saved pdf only shows 2 tabs and the rest are blanc pages, with or without the API enabled.
When trying with capture all tabs and save, the saved pdf only shows the first tab (1 page only).
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