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Fireshot/Screenshot Studio: what a mess!

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Posted:  01 Nov 2007 16:46
First I found out about Fireshot extension for Firefox and installed it and it works fine if I'm not going to want to make any more annotations after I've saved the screen shot to an image format. Then I read about Screenshot Studio and installed the trial version. Well:

1. When I save a capture from Fireshot as a PNG, I can't open it with Screenshot Studio. When I use the Load command from the SS menu, if the PNG selected wasn't created with SS, then SS decides to open the image for me in my default image editor instead. That's ridiculous. (a) Why in the world would you not open in SS *any* PNG that a user tries to open in SS? (b) Even failing that, why would you not mark PNGs produced by Fireshot as SS files?

2. The shortcomings mentioned under the previous item wouldn't matter if (a) Fireshot could save SS project files or (b) SS had an option to capture a window's entire contents instead of just what's visible in the viewport. But neither of these options is available.

The bottom line is that you are missing a whole bunch of easy opportunities to allow users to annotate web pages and to collaborate with others also in possession of SS in reviewing and annotating pages together.

Besides that:

1. The SS toolbar serves no purpose. Just add to the tray icon menu the items from the SS toolbar that it doesn't already have, like Clear.

2. You need undo/redo.

3. You should set up a file association between the SS project file type and SS.

4. The bit about SS opening non-SS PNG files in my default image editor--it did that even after I had changed my default app for the PNG file type to SS! Even when I changed the setting of a SPECIFIC FILE to open in SS, SS still opened it in what HAD been my default editor for PNG. And this is true even though the option to open "native" PNGs in SS is checked in the SS options screen. What's up with that?
Posted:  01 Nov 2007 18:57
I'm always glad to read such kind of posts, thank you.

Mostly you're right, there are many things to change. FireShot is young, and ScreenShot Studio is old, it should be changed to gain the same effect as FireShot...
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