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Fireshot 0.98.92 freebie on Firefox 54.0.1 64bit conflicts with Thuderbird 52.2.1 on Win7 pro 64bit

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Posted:  01 Aug 2017 17:04
Symptom:  Control-D (to delete a message) doesn't work on Thunderbird when latest version of Fireshot is running in Firefox.  Disable Fireshot in Firefox and normal operation is restored to Thunderbird.

Been using Fireshot for years with no worries.  Over last few days it has started interfering with normal Thunderbird operation.  Some combination of updates has caused new issue, even though Fireshot may not have changed that recently.  Something is intercepting control+d key even when Firefox is not the input focus.

Procedure to reproduce:
1.  Start Thunderbird, use normally.
2.  Start Firefox WITHOUT Fireshot running.  Test that Thunderbird control+d deletes a message.
3.  Enable Fireshot and restart Firefox
4.  Try Thunderbird control+d and message is not deleted.  (Note:  deleting via the menu tree continues to work).
Posted:  02 Aug 2017 10:39   Last Edited By: dc59ce
This is caused by the recent update that installs an external application "Fireshot.exe" on your system without warning or permission, in violation of the Mozilla Firefox add-on policies.

The external application hijacks Ctrl-D, Print Screen and several other hotkeys whenever it is running.

It should be visible in your taskbar notification area as a blue "S" icon.

In the absence of any response from the developer, if you still wish to continue using the Fireshot add-on, you can disable the external application by following the steps I posted in this topic:

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