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How to disable fireshot for desktop?

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Posted:  23 Jul 2017 17:32
Whenever I open my firefox browser, it opens the fireshot for desktop. It has also taken control over the Print Screen button, meaning I can't just print screen and paste to a new paint document, it now OPENS it in fireshot.

I really hope getfireshot.com has not DECIDED FOR ME that the PRINT SCREEN button is now under their control.

I have found no way to turn this off, and no way to remove control of the Print Screen button from fireshot.

Posted:  26 Jul 2017 16:27
Aw just forget it. I have been a loyal user for YEARS, having first used the program in my old work. I used to even recommend this tool to other people, but now you can forget it.


The asshat manager that thought "oh lets just take over their desktop too!" is an idiot who probably uses a MAC
Posted:  26 Jul 2017 19:50
Same here. I really don't appreciate Fireshot desktop getting pushed on my system like that. The program is extremely intrusive by being on top of everything and always on screen.

I'm uninstalling Fireshot and will never look back. Whomever decided to add this desktop version has effectively killed the Firefox plugin.
Posted:  29 Jul 2017 17:57
Fireshot.exe can be disabled using the Windows group policy editor, follow the steps here:


Attempting to use Fireshot will now cause it to display two javascript alerts and go into "Lite mode", which is EXACTLY WHAT WE HAD BEFORE WITHOUT THIS BULLSHIT DESKTOP PROGRAM.
Posted:  29 Jul 2017 18:08
Thank you so much dc59ce! That works awesomely. I am running on windows ultimate and the steps applies as well.

Was so pissed that I had to manually turn off desktop mode EVERY DAMN TIME I restarted my firefox.
Posted:  30 Jul 2017 13:01
I'm uninstalling fireshot or looking for an option to remove fireshot for desktop as well.
This is extremely annoying and creepy.
I am not okay and I did not give distinct permission for this new option installation.
Posted:  10 Aug 2017 03:59
Add me to the list of users that will be removing this program.  This borders on spyware/malware.  If they can reprogram my keys without me knowing it whose to say they can't record my keystrokes?  What else are they reprogramming that they aren't telling us?

Then there is the issue that the S logo appears over the top of everything I do.  If I'm working in my IDE and I go to click on a filename or option that happens to be under the S logo Fireshot opens up and I have to move it out of the way so I can continue to work.  Not Good!

They need to at least put an option that allows you to enable/disable this feature, then I would keep it.  But forcing it on us is unacceptable.  I cannot support a developer with this kind of disregard for it's users.

Another option that is needed it to be able to turn off the "always on top" function. 

Give me those two options and I would consider using this again.
Posted:  10 Aug 2017 18:20
I too noticed this yesterday and finding no solution, uninstalled it.  I hope the developer reconsiders what he is doing and fixes it so it operates as it did before.
Posted:  30 Aug 2017 18:44
Please update to the 0.98.93 version. This feature was made optional.
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