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Disappointed to your products - Only PRO/Actions/Price

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Posted:  03 Aug 2010 20:33
Hi There,

Yes, i was going to holiday, and while i have donate many good projects - dollar or few, i thought i check at least the price of this adds-on. 

(If this is on wrong forum section, please move that to correct place, and tell me where... not to garbage, thanks)

Ok, i click that link and Wow, some message that i upgraded to the Pro and now i have trial. Huh?! I have never ever seen such a unethical tricks.
But, ok, well, i didn't know that maybe it was better to explore whole menu, before clicking that button. Usually these kind of "upgrade pro", etc, will offer you purchase-page or something.

And prize, ok... sorry my broken English, but i got Windows 7 with 40 bucks, ...ok, i knew seller, but anyway. The prize is huge, and actually doesn't explain, is that prize of adds-on or/and some programs, etc. Because it is crazy prize and even menu have a "Check PC for errors..." (AD), and after clicking i got direct download, without seeing, is that compatible, etc and it is illegal offer such a links (AD). And btw, isn't this Full version now: Yes Trial is still valid for few days.

So my holiday used 3 weeks from Trial.

But thanks for great program, i use mostly  3 features, click Fireshot, or icon and then menu from it + capture whole site + save it.

Btw how to prevent that image folder always open.

I was extremely happy user before, now i am happy as well, but only feedback can be show my frustration.

But i think it was necessary to say.

Once again, i apology my broken English.

Posted:  04 Aug 2010 04:47
Btw how to prevent that image folder always open.

Use options, "Confirmations" section.
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Posted:  04 Aug 2010 23:30
Use options, "Confirmations" section.

Thanks for you informative and helpful reply.

Is your support this good as well, rolleyes

Posted:  24 Aug 2010 20:39
Hey guys i have the same issue any solution  please ?
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