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Capture/include pages from links on target capture page

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Posted:  27 Oct 2023 09:31   Last Edited By: CyberTecky
If possible, recommend adding a feature that not only captures a webpage but includes page captures from links that might be co-located on the main capture page.

Currently, FireShot captures the top level webpage, however, any links (url's) that might be on the captured webpage will retain the original hyperlink(s).  In the PDF state, clicking any of the links on the page redirects the viewer to the original webpage URL verses a local copy (e.g., PDF).

Overall, I believe the equivalent of what I am recommending is similar to Adobe Acrobat "Create PDF from Web Page" feature, where the webpage 'level(s)' can be adjusted on the intensity of the webpage capture  (i.e., Get only 1 levels is indicative of the top level webpage, but 2 might include webpages from links as well).  Granted, FireShot is easier to work with compared to Acrobat, but it would be nice to have options where links within a capture page would be converted to local links, and when clicked, would take the viewer to a local capture.

Keep up the great work, FireShot is a great feature either way!

Posted:  28 Oct 2023 11:58
Thank you for your suggestion Chad. At the moment, you can utilize one of the extensions on Chrome Web Store to grab the necessary links from the web page(s), then use the command "Capture list of URLs" to get PDFs from these links. Yes, the links in a PDF file will still have a direct destination the the web source - this would require creating a specially designed tool to convert whole web sites to PDFs.
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