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believe it ... or not

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Posted:  04 Nov 2008 01:25
There's no possibility of savin' other than proprietary ssp-file. ??!
There's no chance of seeing the "fortunes" of Fireshot by clicking the advertising links on homepage (something like request forbidden - and js is activated in FF)
When marked-up area (by rectangle) is inversed and you click "crop", it's not the now marked area, which is cropped, (as the popup-on-mouse-over reads!)it is the area originally marked!!
That are only some first-appeals to me... so tell me: whatfor am I payin' 25$??
A prog in statu nascendi... No, really not. Sorry.
It all ocurred with:
1)freshly updated Fireshot 0.61(pro, trial)
2)XPproSP2, german
3)FF 3.0.3
4)just tried to make the screenshot of results of your broken links
best wishes, AMNOT
Posted:  04 Nov 2008 10:13

- you can save to JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and SSP - no problems
- the site is working OK
- I don't understand the problem you decribed with "crop". You make selection, invert it and crop. Everything works - what's the problem?
- You don't have to pay $25. Just switch to simple mode and be happy.
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