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How to Capture and Paste from clipboard with the desired file format?

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Posted:  30 Dec 2021 11:22   Last Edited By: b3nvfx
I just got FireShot Pro for the sole purpose of capturing and pasting notes into Evernote for my studies.
Evernote has a file limit of 200mb per note for my current subscription plan. I got FireShot Pro as I'm constantly bordering 170-190mb per note, and have since crossed the 200mb threshold recently. Therefore, it is important that I am able to copy and paste compressed images.

How can I capture an image and paste it as a JPG instead of PNG? I am aware you can save images as JPG, but I'm not sure how to change the file format at which it pastes from clipboard. If I am unable to do so, it completely defeats the purpose of me upgrading in the first place. Please assist.
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