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PDF doesn't save text from multi-line textarea or one-line text entry fields.

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Posted:  08 Jul 2021 20:15
Love the ease and versatility of capturing whole seamless PDFs from a website.

I just today noticed that the text I put into entry fields shows up on the PDF but I cannot select it for copy & paste. Nor search for it. Why is that?

FireShot Pro plugin version 0.99.1
OS Windows 7
Browser Chrome 91
* https://unslumping.org/
* Enter some text.
* FireShot plugin "Capture entire page and save as PDF"
* Open PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader
* search for text that you entered -- "No matches were found"
Posted:  08 Jul 2021 20:17
By the way, the REST of the text on the web page I CAN select and search for in the PDF.
Posted:  17 Jul 2021 18:02
Hello and thank you for your report. I can confirm that issue. At the moment FireShot cannot grab this text due to limited browser functionality.
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