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Feature Request - Music Playlists

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Posted:  11 Aug 2020 18:30
With the imminent demise of Google Play Music, I'm trying to export all my playlists.  Of course, they don't make that easy so I thought I would use FireShot.  For the simple playlists, it works fine (although if you work some magic to convert the lists to a CSV, that would be awesome).

However, for the longer playlists, like "Favorites", it doesn't work so well.  Each is multiple pages long and somewhere into the second page, the rest of the list is blank.  Whether I start from the bottom or the top of the list, the result is the same.

Results are the same in both Firefox and Chrome.

If there's something I can do (besides doing multiple screenshots which is what I'm doing now), I'd be very grateful, especially the CSV idea.
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