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Visible & Adjustable Slice Line - Page Break

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Posted:  30 Nov 2018 02:48
I really would love to not only be able to see but have a [Clearly Visible and defined LINE where the program is going to slice the image, when and as it will needs to be cut for larger Web Page's with more content to fit onto your select page [Page size i.e A4, when Saving as a PDF document]. Also to be able to MOVE this SLICE Line up or the image/screen grab and have it as a page break while keeping the background constant, this way we can avoid that horrendous text line slicing. I would love to never see the top 1/3  1/2 or my pet hate 1/4 of the text on the bottom of one page and the rest on the top of the next, it is ok for something's but not for other like code snippets. So just a simple adjustable page break would MAKE a world of difference.
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