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Posted:  16 May 2018 16:51
I want to use Fireshot to capture images of web pages and then email them for a research project. I can capture the images but when I select the "Email" feature on Fireshot it opens my Gmail account and opens a new message with the built-in subject "Screenshots from FireShot" but there is nothing attached to the email. Of course, I could just use Fireshot to download a PDF image and then browse from Gmail in order to add the attachment from my hard drive but then what is the point of the "Email" Fireshot feature? I'd rather not have to save all the images on my hard drive if I can help it. I am using Fireshot Lite with Chrome. I would consider the paid version but not if I can't sort out a simple bug like this.  Thanks.
Posted:  20 May 2018 11:07
Hello, it looks like some error is occurred during this process. Do you have any extensions for blocking content/scripts/etc? Did you try to wait for some more time?
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