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Posted:  07 Jun 2013 14:35
Hi, Sorry for my bad english. (Google-Translate )

I bought the Pro version myself a few hours ago. If I make a screen, there are problems. I have uploaded an example. The problem can be seen in the lower left corner. It also happens at other websites.
I always use "Capture selection and...". Since i owned for "Capture entire page and..." too little RAM, I share the website. In "Capture selection and..." there are no other problems, except as seen on the picture.

Thank you.

FireShot 0.98.34
Windows 7 32bit german
Chrome 27.0.1453.110 m
Posted:  10 Jun 2013 05:53
Hi friend. Just sent you an email response.
FireShot Pro Pro Full Webpage Screenshots will be moving to a subscription model soon!
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Posted:  15 Jun 2013 01:11
Hi MF, can you please share onto how this issue was resolved? And modification s made here too? https://imagicon.info/cat/13-77/smile3.png
Posted:  28 Dec 2013 01:24
i have the same problem too
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