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Add Text without border

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Posted:  13 Jan 2013 12:43
There are some simple things for changing a screenshot that I do now in Photoshop which could be done in Fireshot:

I'd like to add text to my screenshot that looks like the normal text on the page.
But when I remove the border and background a shadow is added to the text. Is it possible to remove this shadow?

setting the fill colour and text colour to a colour used in the screenshot (select with a dropper)

When pasting an image into a screenshot a shadow is added. The shadow should be optional.

Regards from Austria.
Posted:  15 Jan 2013 05:53
Hello from Russia and thank you for your suggestions - really appreciate that.

1) Agreed, this needs to be fixed.
2) You can do that in your current version - having problems locating the color control?
3) Agreed, I'll switch off the shadows for the images in the next release.
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Posted:  27 Jan 2013 21:20
He's from Austria.

+1 on the shadows.
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