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Will my Firefox license I bought years ago carry over to work on Chrome?

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Posted:  10 Feb 2012 21:49
I bought FireShot Pro a few years ago now.

It works on Firefox but when I install the extension on Chrome and try to enter my license number it
fails (every time I try a capture on Chrome nothing seems to happen but I think this is because it is past its 30 day trial. When I try to access my preferences it asks me to buy the pro license hence my assumption of why it will not work on Chrome)

When I am in Firefox and click on the ABOUT icon I see that I am running V.0.96

So that leads me to two questions:

  1. Is there a newer update for Firefox that I should be running and how do I go about upgrading?

  2. Can I use this same license I bought years ago for the Google Chrome extension?

Running Windows 7 64bit
Chrome 17.0.963.46 m

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