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Cannot see file(.png) in windows explorer but can see it exist when try save again.

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Posted:  03 Sep 2010 09:58

Can anyone assist? I'm cannot find file in location i saved the file. I'm using sureshot for IE 8 and windows 7.
Unable to get sureshot version (IE edition) as it snaps picture and goes into saving file mode. When check on Windows explorer, file not found. When use sureshot to save again, can see file in folder.

Kindly advise


MontyCannot see sureshot file but can see when saving again
Posted:  03 Sep 2010 10:49
Sorry People

It's Fireshot program not sureshot.Got confuse by the S.

Posted:  03 Sep 2010 11:03
Hi again

Found out something. when using via the fireshot program the file can be found and able to see screen shot. Anyway to see it normally? hidden file is disabled in folder. Rgds Monty
Posted:  07 Oct 2010 04:36
This is my problem too, I just posted a new topic.  There is something wrong with the permissions of the file (the properties of the file is available from within the save dialog in FireShot, which yields access to the Security tab, which in turn says the security information is unavailable).  What a strange problem, it does create the file, but the permissions are screwed up.

What version of Windows are you using?  I'm using Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit, and I get the problem with both IE 32- & 64-bit.
Posted:  09 Oct 2010 03:08
Posted:  11 Oct 2010 11:07
Sorry Guys/gals

Unable to use fireshot program for IE anymore due to expired subsciption. Even the freeware version not possible. After install says sub expired. So have given up.
Posted:  11 Oct 2010 11:10
Last message send by Monty

Sorry Guys/Gals



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