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Posted:  17 Mar 2010 15:55
Since this is a request and not a bug report I can skip the info on versions etc I guess?

If not then just say so!

This is more of a wish to fix the website easycaptures.com/user under "Tag Cloud" I would like to have a more easy overlook and not like 1500px wide with a long horizontel scroller!

Looks like the class "divTagCloud" works as intended when there is a HUGE amount of tags. See: www.easycaptures.com/tags but when the tags is about 40-50 (on our personal pages) or so they are still on one single row making a long horizontal scroller

Any chance of actually making a new and nicer looking tag cloud?

I was kinda thinking of using the tags as a future reference base, where I could just "search my cloud" for an old screenie, before adding a new one (If I needed to show something to a person)

With a horisontal scroller like that one, or even a tag cloud you actually can't read from (casue some of the words are so freakin small), that's kinda not nice!

As an addon I only have good things to say about FireShot though!
Posted:  17 Mar 2010 18:37
Can't edit previous post so I will add a screenie!

Just look at my tag cloud here!
Posted:  18 Mar 2010 19:27
Agreed, this looks nasty and needs a fix, thank you!
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Posted:  18 Mar 2010 22:05
Thanks JK!
I could add that if I use my addon IE-Tab and change to use IE it works as I thought was intended and looks pretty nice!
Same look with FF alone would ofcourse be the way to go!
Posted:  05 Nov 2010 00:06
Any news now ~8 months later?
Posted:  17 Aug 2013 13:52
Hi Murko, were you able to find a work around on this instead?
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