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We need a User Guide or meaningful Help text

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Posted:  03 Mar 2010 18:17
Clicking Help in toolbar navigates screenshot-program.com animated demo.  There is no real help text or user manual anywhere.  These forums are for bugs or feature requests, but there's no place for simple usage instructions.
Posted:  04 Mar 2010 14:36
I'd greatly appreciate if you specified the topics you'd like to see at the website. There's no need to describe everything: I tried to make a transparent and simple interface. However, if any questions still exist, they should be answered, I think.
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Posted:  04 Mar 2010 21:27
Hi JK,

Eventually I accidentally stumbled on the solution to my immediate problem.  I was not able to restore the floating editor toolbar once I unpinned it.  I looked all over the place, and tried many combinations of keystroke shortcuts.  The trick: Roll your mouse to the uppermost edge of the screen and the toolbar magically appears.  Then click on the pushpin icon to keep it from disappearing again.

Apparently that's not documented anywhere, nor available from F1 or Help.  Neither are the shortcuts I discovered just by clicking every combination of keystrokes I could think of.  These include CTRL-F1, -F2, -F3, -F4 (but no others?), CTRL-S (logical, it means Save in conventional Windows apps), CTRL-L (not obvious to me, it means Open).  Note that this is Save/Open for projects, but I couldn't find Save for an individual screenshot as a PNG image, which is the way I usually work.  CTRL-PGUP/PGDN cycle screenshots, but CTRL-TAB also cycles some unknown subset of them.

I guess the Help I was looking for was a table of those shortcuts, or maybe a "How-To" screen on the web site that answers questions below the level of bugs or desired new features.

Anyway, I love the product.  Keep up the good work!

-Mike Russell
Posted:  26 Jan 2014 18:14
Additionally, it would be a nice option to have if there will be a Kbase page. Just for users to get first aid help, rather than asking right away.
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