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Sudden problem with website PDF text quality

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Posted:  21 Dec 2018 16:41
Hi there,

I'm using the latest version of FireShot Pro (v.0.98.95) in Chrome on Windows. I've been using it to capture PDFs of web pages for months now, and everything's been great.

All of a sudden, this week, the PDFs I capture are having a strange issue with text quality when I upload them to my WordPress site (where they're displayed at a *slightly* different size than the original, thanks to page responsiveness). This has never happened before, so I'm wondering if something may have changed with the capture that is causing this to occur.

For instance, I remember seeing that a recent update to the extension included "PDF file size optimization." I can't, however, find any options to control this anywhere in the extension. Could something be going on with the optimization that's causing this issue for me — and is there any way I can control/disable that feature? That's the only thing I can think of that's changed anywhere in the process from my last PDF save to this one, and it seems logically like the sort of thing that could be related to an issue in text quality when the PDF is condensed to fit within a page.

Thank you for your help.
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