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Scroll capability for Selection?

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Posted:  30 Nov 2017 22:25
Just recently added Fireshot to FireFox Quantum to take the place of Capture and Print which no longer works.

I frequently wish to select a section of a webpage for printing, but the part I want to select extends beyond the currently displayed border of the window.  Apparently, FireShot will only select  within the displayed window and I cannot find any way to scroll the window to select additional parts of the page.

Can you modify the feature so that as the selection cursor approaches the bottom of the window, it automatically scrolls down the window?

Thank you!
Posted:  30 Nov 2017 22:28
Hmm, strange, that should be working. Do you get any errors in the error console?
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Posted:  30 Nov 2017 22:36
I see that a full page scrolls OK..... Where I ran into a problem was within a frame - specifically a Yahoo email.
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