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Screen capture background in-active processes instead of active window

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Posted:  05 Jul 2008 07:10
Plugin version: 0.5
OS type and version: MS Win XP Pro SP2, English
Version of Firefox: Firefox v3
Steps to reproduce the bug: Reduce height of window to half the screen resolution before a capture.

I can reduced the width of a window and all goes fine, and I can even reduce the height of the window so long as I do not go below 50%.  When I do go below 50%, instead of capturing the active open window, it instead captures my Gmail home page, which wasn't even open in another tab or window. blink

I use the plugin called, "SpeedDial", to help keep track of active links I need to check on frequently like G-mail.  I have it set it refresh the link every 30 seconds, when I have that Dial page open which I didn't when this glitch keeps happening.
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