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Fails to render Flash using object only

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Posted:  24 Jun 2008 09:25   Last Edited By: eraserhead

Fireshot fails to detect Flash content which is included using the object tag only. My guess is it looks for the embed tag. However - even though embed is used everywhere - the W3C way to include Flash is an object tag only. Examples here: www.sinosol.com, www.zurabzurabishvili.com.
Fireshot also thinks it found flash when a page contains a java applet using embed, but it fails to render it. Java applets using object only (again this is the W3C way) are ignored completely.

I guess the safer way to detect flash content is to look for either ".swf" or content-type "application/x-shockwave-flash"; if there's a way to capture Java Applets as well it would make Fireshot perfect.

Best regards

P.S. Information on object tag only can be found here: https://joliclic.free.fr/html/object-tag/en

P.P.S (Don't think it matters)
Plugin version: 0.50
OS type and version: Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 DE
Version of Firefox: 3.0
Posted:  24 Jun 2008 09:42
Hello, nice report, thank you.
You're right, I'm looking for embed tags to detect flash. The check is very simple. Should be enhanced I think.
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