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Save webpage as PDF adding what looks like horizontal scroll bars to final capture

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Posted:  26 Feb 2016 00:39
Hello - I've been having this issue with FireShot since I purchased it but finally decided to mention it. It only seems to affect Save as PDF so I've been using Save and Edit instead - but I want the ability to safe pdf files.

When capturing pages where Fireshot has to scroll multiple times, the content seems to be covered by what appears to be horizontal scroll bars or something like it. They only seem to appear where the screenshots would be stitched together.

I'd love to get this resolved.

Many Thanks,

plugin version: 0.98.80
os: win 8.1 pro x64
browser: chrome, firefox and opera (all up to date)
steps to reproduce:
- as mentioned: it happens on nearly all pages more than a few captures long
- known fail: capture https://econsultancy.com/blog/64823-the-five-golden-rules-of-responsive-web-design
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