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Out of Memory messages

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Posted:  12 Sep 2022 16:49
Fresh boot up. Latest version 12th Aug 1.10.05. Win 7 32 bit. 16Gb installed memory. I get "Out of Memory" messages consistently when "Capture and Save Entire Page" now when "Saving as a JPEG". Never got on previous version.
Posted:  12 Sep 2022 18:31
Sorry, that's win 7 64 bit not 32 bit.
Posted:  13 Sep 2022 11:57
Thank you for your report. The next update delivers full support to the 64-bit systems, giving FireShot the ability to utilize all available RAM provided by OS, not just 2GB as designed for the 32-bit systems.
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Posted:  13 Sep 2022 14:02
Thank you. I'm not sure system RAM is the issue. I think it may be a memory limit imposed by the Chrome browser. Trying the program GOFullPage - a full page screen grab on the exact same web page (a long page to be fair) I was trying to screen shot with Fireshot it comes up with a message stating that the browser has a limitation and it will split the page into two files. I used Fireshot in Firefox instead and it saved the same page screenshot in one file, wheras using Fireshot in Chrome it wouldn't save the file (as a jpeg). Anyway, I'm back in business using Firefox instead of Chrome.
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