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No Preview Available on webpage screenshot

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Posted:  21 Aug 2014 02:41
Using Compaq Presario laptop computer, MS Windows XP Home SP3, English, Firefox ver 31.0, FireShot 0.98.15, the web url is (I think irrelevant) because I've done multiple screen captures successfully using FireShot from a website (www,tmw.com). I'm thrilled with Fireshot, btw.

I encounter the problem with just one FireShot picture file named 'FireShot Screen Capture #013 ... ). The quotes are not part of the filename and I've shortened the filename up some. It's a JPEG file as are all my other FireShot screen-capture files. To explain .. starting from the Windows main screen, I hit start, my pictures, road king, road king (pics), Contained in the road king (pics) folder are two other sub- folders (barton) and (berlin) each containing 4 pics each, and my problem file, which is not contained in sub-folders to the road king (pics) folder. The problem was encountered when I tried to move the problem picture ('FireShot Screen Capture #013 ... ) into one of the sub-folders (berlin), and found it wouldn't move. When I try to open the problem picture file, it opens, as expected, to the (Windows Picture and Fax Viewer) slideshow screen, but then (unexpected, in the middle of the slideshow screen) displays the message "No Preview Available". Upon further experimentation, by right-clicking on the problem file, the only options available were preview, edit, print and sendto .. but there were no options to rename or delete the file. I don't understand the reason why, or how to correct it. Other experimentation with file searches, and a search with deleted-file recovery program, seem to indicate (to me) that the file doesn't exist. I have computer experience but I'm no expert, not even close. I have many FireShot screen-capture pic files. This is the only one that has this problem? Probably something I did. Can you advise me on this please? Overall FireShot rocks tho! I hope this was clear enough to follow.. Sincere thanks, in advance, for any help you may be able to provide.
Posted:  21 Aug 2014 08:40
Problem solved . The problem file ('FireShot Screen Capture #013 ... ) had way too long of a name. Apparently this was the file that  I received the "name is way too long" warning from FireShot on the other day, when I went to save it. I thought I had heeded the message, but apparently not. Now I couldn't shorten the file name because I couldn't open it. (Don't know if it matters, but I'm working as the 'administrator' of my own home personal computer.) I had to right-click on the folder containing my problem file, then go into 'properties', and un-check the read-only box. Of the two options given me next, I chose the one to extend the 'un-set' of my read-only to all subfolders and files contained therein.

This allowed me access to my problem file, so I could .. 1. rename it with a shorter filename,  2. move it into the subfolder like I had wanted to, and finally ..   3. preview it.

Oh, and rechecking the properties for the folders and files involved; it seems that everything reverted back to read-only automatically? Clearly I am no expert. But I hope the story of my adventure is of use if you (were able) to follow it.
                                                                                                                  The End.
Posted:  21 Aug 2014 11:35
Dear Cavey,

Thank you for your story and your update. I'm sorry for FireShot that looks to be the main reason of this problem and I'm happy to see everything is OK now!
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Posted:  22 Aug 2014 09:00
Follow-up to my "No Preview" problem ..  sorry folks, but I can't let FireShot take the hit; I need to set the record straight on this one ...   

I thought I had solved my problem yesterday, but (what a let-down) the problem re-occurred today. I stumbled all around with attribute read-only settings, folder options, etc (all the same places I had visited yesterday) only to make things worse. I got to the point to where "no preview available" affected more than just the one problem pic-file. It had graduated to affecting other related folders full of pic-files.

I have to admit now to a mistake, on my part, about the warning displayed by Fireshot the other day, when I was saving my pic-file. I'm quite certain (now) that the warning was not about the 'length of the filename', but rather the 'length of the path'  (I was mandating to access the pic-file being saved). And I 'was' guilty of nesting my pic-files quite deeply (like FireShot had tried warn me against). If I'm right, the apparent  fix today (ultimately) was to shorten my paths. I got rid of the lengthy set of folders, subfolders, sub-subfolders, etc .. (you get the idea) that I had going. So now (it seems), I'm back in business. Chalk it up to operator error I guess, lol. Til next time ..
Posted:  22 Aug 2014 18:33
Wow, what a deep research! Hats off! thumb_up
By the way, if you need to shorten the filenames even more, please take a look to the FireShot's options - you can configure the template to include only page title or page URL or just date and time!
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