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No option to enter my newly purchased Pro-License

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Posted:  01 Nov 2018 18:36
I just purchased a pro-license.  I followed the download link as instructed, and linked to Chrome, IE, FF and TB.  The install appears to go fine, without issue.  When I launch Chrome, the extension "Fireshot Lite"  is installed.  But, THERE IS NO option  "Switch to Pro!".  Interestingly enough, it is there in IE, FF and Thunderbird, so that seemed to work without issue.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension.  I have tried "Try Advance Features" but even after installing that download, nothing seems different, so clearly that isn't working.  I have tried installing as admin (even though I am logged in as the admin) and that didn't work.

I really want/need the Pro-version in Chrome.

Any help would be most appreciated.

thx in advance.
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