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FireShot screenshot extension 0.83 for FF does not update

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Posted:  14 May 2010 11:25
Current plugin: 0.80
New plugin: 0.83
OS: Windows 7, Danish
FF version: 3.5.9

FireShot has not been updated in the addons.mozilla.org repository for months, so I downloaded version 0.83 from your website. However, it will not install. FireFox attempts to restart, men it only closes. When I open it manually, FireShot is still version 0.80. I have unblocked the downloaded file.

Why is it that it will not update? and that the addons.mozilla.org version is outdated?

Best regards,

Posted:  14 May 2010 12:00
I think the following should help:

- uninstall 0.80 version
- restart Firefox
- install 0.83 version
- restart Firefox
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Posted:  14 May 2010 12:17
It didn't work, which lead me to check whether FF was running a process in the background. I should have checked that from the outset or restarted Windows.

When I killed the FF process, FireShot updated as it should.
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