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Extension screenshot not saving to file in any example

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Posted:  16 Sep 2009 09:26
If you Capture and edit, name the capture, specify
the location, Save... and it's gone "This folder is
empty". Capture page straight to save, name it, specify location, Save... and it's not there, or
anywhere. Capture send to clipboard, nope, not there
either, so I haven't been able to use this yet.
Should I uninstall and try again with a reinstall?
Thank you.
FireShot for IE, using IE8.
Windows Vista Home Premium 32, SP2, en.
Firefox 3.5.3.
Steps to reproduce, no access violation or error code to report at this time.
Posted:  03 Oct 2009 06:45   Last Edited By: Kuptis
IE 8.0.7100.0
Firefox 3.5.3
Windows 7 Ultimate RC (release candidate)
(Can't find Fireshot version info for either browser)

With Firefox it works perfectly but with IE I'm having the same problem as previous post.  The file will not actually save even though it says it did and no error messages show.

I've changed the filename to a simple name such as 'a' and to different locations with the same result.
Posted:  04 Oct 2009 06:52
I found the Fireshot version info:
Fireshot for IE 0.78
Fireshot for Firefox 0.78
Posted:  04 Oct 2009 16:52

unfortunately FireShot has not tested with Windows 7 yet.

The solution for you can be the following:

- change FireShot's working folder (General Settings tab) using Options button available from the Editor's GUI

- make sure this path is writable
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