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Ebay full page screenshot

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Posted:  30 Jun 2014 13:18
I have been using Fireshot for various work and it works fine until i come to capture the entire screen from pages on eBay. The screen captures but only produces red and black writing and not the actual screen shot including the images. Can you help please? I only seem to have this problem with ebay pages.
Posted:  02 Jul 2014 10:16
Warning before posting bugreports: please take into account that your bugreports will be ignored if you don't include the following info about your problem:

    Plugin version (i.e. FireShot 0.45)
    OS type and version (i.e. MS Windows XP Professional SP2, English)
    Version of Firefox (i.e. Firefox/
    Steps to reproduce the bug (i.e. Start FX, open FireShot editor, create a shape and try to save - you'll get an access violation xxxxxx)
    Webpage URL causing this problem
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Posted:  05 Jul 2014 18:57
Hi Paul, updates on the info requested would be nice.
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