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Doesn't Capture Full Page Screenshots on Mac After Chrome Update

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Posted:  23 Jul 2021 05:53
I know I've paid for the Pro version but can't find my product key anywhere.

Anyways - LOVE the app and use it ALL the time, but like everyone else that upgraded our Chrome in the last day or two to 92.0.4515.107, it doesn't work anymore - just pops up a little bar that says "Stop Capturing" https://share.getcloudapp.com/Z4uKgANe

So if I can't do full page captures AND I can't do it on my Macbook Pro's or iMac's then I can't use it. I can't activate the Advanced features because the file it downloads is just an .exe file

So need help with a few different things
Posted:  23 Jul 2021 20:24   Last Edited By: UIPathUser
Today my company ran into the same exact issue, where the FireShot hotkey would get sent, but it would get stuck on capturing. The current temporary solution we have implemented is uninstalling chrome, wiping all of its local data, and installing a previous version of Chromium. this URL (https://browserhow.com/how-to-downgrade-and-install-older-version-of-chrome/) is the step-by-step directions I followed. Skip Step 4 I was unable to find Google's update service in services. I installed my version of Chromium from (https://chromium.cypress.io/). After doing these steps our business processes were back up and running. Keep in mind none of your old chrome setting or extensions will be saved, so make note of what you have before deleting everything.

Hopefully they fix this extension breaking problem biggrinDD
Posted:  28 Jul 2021 04:08
Hello and thank you for your report!

Please get the explanation and instructions how to fix it here:

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