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chinese bug 中文 bug

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Posted:  28 Jun 2013 18:51
我用的Mozilla firefox 22.00。安装的0.98.38的组件。平时使用很正常。但是注册并登陆这个网站https://www.kl8a.com。

(My browser is Mozilla firefox 22.00,plug-in fireshot is 0.98.38。when I join the website"https://www.kl8a.com/Main/home.aspx?lang=en-US" ,and login it。after I click "sports". I  shot the specified zone in  the right frame of sports。the screenshot is deviated,it's a bug。
Do you understander?my poor english,sorry。)
Posted:  06 Jul 2013 18:43
Sorry but can you rephrase this? What error message do you get?
Posted:  06 Jul 2013 19:19
1.this is the screen of the website.

2.I want to shot

3.but it is error  such

the zone  is deviated, do you understand?
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