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Bad image when capturing screenshot with horizontal and vertical scrolling

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Posted:  04 Jan 2014 00:12   Last Edited By: Omnia Mutantur
I recently bought FireShot to use in Internet Explorer, after using the free edition for Firefox for over a year without problems. It worked fine at first, but after an update to v0.983 in IE it started producing corrupted images. I use FS to capture large pages from an intranet in IE (has to be IE), with horizontal and vertical scrolling. The images are now coming out as though they've been stitched together wrong - chunks of the image are missing and other chunks are displaced. The same effect occurs on any large page with horizontal and vertical scrollbars. It also happens on 'normal' pages if the IE window is made so small that both scrollbars appear.

I tried uninstalling the updated FireShot from IE and reinstalling the original version through the 'integrate with IE' option in Firefox, but I can't get it working again in IE. I've also tried manually deleting all Fireshot files from AppData, Program Files, and even the IE extensions directory, uninstalling the Firefox extension (with the uninstall option, and by manually removing files), and removing all registry keys with 'fireshot', 'fsproxy', or 'fsplugin' values before reinstalling. I've been through that process a couple of times, reinstalling through Firefox and through the standalone installer from the screenshot-program.com. Nothing makes it work again in IE.

Scrolling pages captured perfectly in Firefox at all times, but for my purposes I have to be able to do it in IE. I've tried this with and without the Aero theme. It's always worked with Aero on before.

Hope you can help!

Plugin versions: 0.98.47, 0.983
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (SP1), English
Browser: IE 10
Reproduce bug:
  1. upgrade from 0.98.47 to 0.983 in IE
  2. capture entire page on a webpage with horizontal and vertical scrollbars (or reduce size of browser window so that horizontal and vertical scroll bars appear)
  3. uninstall from IE context menu and reinstall original version from Firefox using 'Integrate with Internet Explorer'
  4. retry horizontal & vertical scrolling capture
Reproducible on any large webpage.
omnia mutantur, nihil interit
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