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Where did it go?

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Posted:  04 Apr 2023 01:40
FireShot Pro version 1.11.25
Windows 11 Home
Firefox version 111.0.1
"Bug" exists all the time
No particular URLs involved
Only 1 entry in Browser Console-Logs: "ExtensionPreferencesManager API ftpProtocolEnabled created but addSetting was not called."
I recently had to get a new system due to hardware failure. I now have a Dell XPS 8950, 128GB Ram, Windows 11 Home.
When I re-installed FireShot, it only installed the free version, but did show up in the top "toolbar"???? listing where it always has.
When I entered my Pro license info, it proceeded to upgrade and evidently did so, as it shows so in "prorams".
But, the icon never appears! It has not appeared since upgrading with my licese number. I have tried to uninstall and redo eveything, but with same results. Win 11 does have a screeshot option now, but "YUCK", I want my FireShot Pro back!
Any help would be appreciated.
I am old and getting more so (anyone with opposite problem CALL ME! LOL) and forget to check posts.etc. a PM to my profile email would be best.
Thanks & God Bless
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