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Fireshot menu keeps reverting to non-PRO after last update

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Posted:  08 Feb 2023 19:44
I just updated Fireshot, I have a PRO license and normally after the update the Chrome extension automatically gives me the full PRO menu.
This did happen this time as well, however after using Fireshot to take a screen shot of anything, the second time I go back the menu has reverted to the non-PRO version.
I then click the upgrade button, it reverts to PRO. I use it once, and the second time reverts to non-PRO.
It has happened now more than 10 times.
I use Chrome and Windows 10.
Pls advise.
Posted:  14 Feb 2023 23:01
updated Fire shot. It now continuously reverts to free version after one capture?
plug-in version  1.11.25
Windows 10 20H2
Chrome 110.0.5481.96
Steps to recreate the bug - do any full web page capture, save and then move on to another web page. and FireShot reverts back to free version.
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