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How to capture/export only seleted tabs in FireFox?

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Posted:  08 Jan 2023 20:26
I want to capture only a couple of selected tabs (highlighted) into OneNote in batch.
I thought I could use “capture all tabs…” and if there are selected FS will only use them.
I was wrong. Accidentally, I had 350 tabs open and FS started to capture. No good idea.
I wanted to stop capturing, but I couldn’t find how. Is there a stop hotkey ore action button?
Firefox was a bit overcharged (me too), and I had to close it. This took a while.
I’ve tried the same action as for a single tab, but like expected, only a single tab was captured.
Final question: How to capture only selected tabs in Firefox and send them to OneNote as pdf?
Kind regards

PlugIn version: 1.11.18 (64bit)
Os: Windows 10 64bit,  [Version 10.0.19045.2364]
Firefox: 108.0.2 /64
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