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Fireshot not capturing MailChimp whole page

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Posted:  22 Aug 2022 23:30
I have been having difficulties using the Fireshot addon to copy a Mailchimp page in its entirety. I have tried multiple times, but the addon does not seem to be working correctly.

After researching this problem was addressed in 2013 and 2017 but a fix was never available.

The person who posted this with the same link from MailChimp had this problem. https://getfireshot.com/sup/art1519.htm

Here is another post from 2017 about MailChimp

I am on Firefox 103.

Is there anything that can be done to fix this issue?
Posted:  22 Aug 2022 23:52
Plugin version (FireShot
    OS type and version (Windows 10 & 11)
    Version of browser (Firefox 103)
    Webpage URL causing this problem (https://us10.admin.mailchimp.com/reports/summary?id=xxxxxxx)
Posted:  23 Aug 2022 06:12
Hello Douglas,

This can be a limitation of the Free version. Can you please try capturing this page with the Advanced features enabled?
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Posted:  23 Aug 2022 20:07
The advanced features is not working also. It wont scroll down. I have tried many pages which will scroll down but not on MailChimp.

Not sure if it is a javascript issue or something to do with frames within html.
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