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Ran out of resources error bug

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Posted:  12 Dec 2021 09:36
Plugin version (i.e. FireShot 0.99.15)
OS type and version (i.e. Windows 11 (same issue with Windows 10 though)
Version of browser (i.e. Latest Chrome Build as of writing this post)
Steps to reproduce the bug (i.e.capture screenshot of a *very* long page)
Webpage URL causing this problem- Webpage requires authentication but I'm sure using a long wikipedia article repliaces the issue.

Whenever I try to screenshot this *very* long webpage, I get an error message that my system has run out of resources...which unfortunately is not the case. I'm running on 12 overclocked cores with 128gb of ram, averaging at 20% utilization when the screenshots are taken. It barely moves the utilization graphs. I think it's some sort of limitation of the software so I was thinking that perhaps the best solution is to break up the web page into several parts within a pdf document...but I can't seem to find that option. Although this would be a nice workaround, I'd still like a solution to the error noted above. If I can provide you logs to help out with this request, please let me know.
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