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Is the Student Discount still available?

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Posted:  31 Mar 2021 20:28   Last Edited By: Skeptical
I read a former post wherein the inquiry as to whether students can enjoy a discount (because we're broke and in debt up to our eyeballs) was responded to in the affirmative as an additional 15% price reduction, could I still take advantage of this offer as a graduate student?

I've been using FireShot for a while and it broke my heart when multi-page PDF creation was restricted, I had been using roundabout methods to turn website articles into PDFs for the many research proposals that I draft on a regular basis.

Now that I am fulfilling my role as a Teaching Assistant remotely, it would be extraordinarily helpful to screenshot specific website content sections into PDFs, rather than sending out 20 different website links with instructions on how to search the page for a given keyword, for the very many students who email me daily; as they are struggling to comprehend the rather complex concepts we're attempting to cover (organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical biochemistry, etc).
Thanks in advance!

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Posted:  05 Apr 2021 19:59
Hello, thank you for the aesthetics
If you can pay us directly via PayPal, the price will be $25.95 + PayPal fee.
FireShot Pro Pro Full Webpage Screenshots will be moving to a subscription model soon!
There's a last chance to purchase a Lifetime License and get a 33% discount! - https://getfireshot.com/buy.php
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