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Feature Request: index/bookmark for tabs captured, and limit # pages/tab

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Posted:  29 Jul 2019 20:37
When I save a set of tabs,  I can get documents hundreds of pages long. A few features would help with this:

1. Add a table of contents or  Index of the URLs saved in the document
2. Add a PDF bookmark for each URL saved (Title would be best, but even a 1, 2, 3 would make it easier to navigate)
3.  Some of the pages I capture include lots of comments at the bottom, when I really only care about the content. Adding an option to limit the number of pages saved/tab would help reduce file sizes and clutter (due lots of unwanted comments, or sites that keep loading as long as you keep scrolling, which easily adds 10-20 pages for each tab).
Posted:  30 Jul 2019 14:57
Thank you for these valuable suggestions.
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