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Making an archived copy of a captured page

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Posted:  25 Oct 2018 10:48
In most cases we capture screens to save information in case it might get deleted, otherwise we just copy and paste.
So it would be very-very helpful if you made another cool feature available for Pro users:
an option to send URL to archive.is for saving and\or web.archive.org AND copying an archived version URL to clipboad and pasting it in the screencapture (in a footer or header, as requested by user).
Posted:  25 Oct 2018 13:29
Hello Vadim. Why don't you capture a page and save it to PDF with links. Why is there a need to have an archived link, if you're already have everything stored in your PDF?
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Posted:  25 Oct 2018 14:29
Because PDF means nothing if origin will be deleted or edited. As you can make any PDF you want. And specify any link in PDF file you wish.
Those sites make archived copies, allowing to allude to them proving that my PDF in fact is true.
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